Anna Lindner, Nisa East, Yasemin Sabuncu to Receive 100K Adelaide Film Festival Expand Lab Commission

The announcement of Anna Lindner, Nisa East, and Yasemin Sabuncu being selected as recipients of the 100K Adelaide Film Festival Expand Lab Commission has sparked interest in the artistic community.

Their project, ‘5 Steps for Better Living, Maximum Gains, and Manifesting Your Most Optimized Self,’ promises a unique exploration of hyper-masculinity and the wellness industry. With a focus on dark humour and immersive installation design, the potential impact of their work on cultural discourse is intriguing.

The generous grant and collaboration with esteemed institutions set the stage for a thought-provoking presentation at the upcoming festival.

Key Takeaways

  • Recipients Anna Lindner, Nisa East, and Yasemin Sabuncu were awarded $100,000 for their project at the 2025 Adelaide Film Festival.
  • The project focuses on hyper-masculinity and wellness industry exploration through dark humour and immersive installations.
  • Mentored projects at Illuminate Adelaide and the Art Gallery of SA to support innovative concepts.
  • Acknowledgment of diverse perspectives and societal challenges reflected in the artists’ vision.

Recipients and Project Details

The recipients of the 2025 Adelaide Film Festival and Samstag Expand Moving Image Commission, Anna Lindner, Nisa East, and Yasemin Sabuncu, have been selected to develop a project titled ‘5 Steps for Better Living, Maximum Gains and Manifesting Your Most Optimized Self.’

This project aims to explore hyper-masculinity and the wellness industry through the lenses of dark humour and immersive installation design. The innovative approach taken by Lindner, East, and Sabuncu highlights a unique exploration of societal themes.

By delving into these topics, the project promises to offer a fresh perspective on how these concepts intersect in contemporary culture. Through their creative vision, the artists aim to push boundaries and challenge conventional narratives, showcasing a blend of exploration and innovation in their work.

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Mentored Projects Overview

A diverse selection of innovative projects is set to be mentored by prominent cultural organizations as part of the 2025 Adelaide Film Festival and Samstag Expand Moving Image Commission.

  1. Creative Collaborations: The Art Gallery of SA to mentor ‘LAST CHANCE TO VISIT WORLDWORLD’ exploring stories of loss at an imagined theme park.
  2. Artistic Storytelling: Illuminate Adelaide to mentor ‘Infinite Terrarium,’ a concept of a closed biosphere cared for by an AI custodian.
  3. In-depth Exploration: Mentoring by South Australian cultural organizations for the selected projects to probe into societal themes.
  4. Immersive Approach: Projects aim to challenge norms through satirical and immersive installations, engaging audiences in thought-provoking narratives.

Appreciation and Acknowledgment Highlights

Expressing gratitude towards the participants of the previous lab, Adelaide Film Festival CEO Mat Kesting highlighted the valuable contributions made by the diverse range of artists involved. The $100,000 2025 AFF/Samstag EXPAND Moving Image Commission signifies a substantial increase from previous awards, showcasing the festival’s commitment to supporting innovative projects.

Kesting also acknowledged the essential support from The Balnaves Foundation and other contributors, emphasizing the significance of their backing in fostering artistic endeavours.

The recognition of the diverse themes and issues explored by the participants underscores the festival’s commitment to showcasing a wide array of perspectives. The appreciation for the value brought by the projects and the visionary approach of the artists demonstrate a deep understanding of the artistic landscape and its potential for impactful storytelling.

Project Themes and Vision Overview

Moving towards the exploration of project themes and vision, the emphasis lies on creating work that reflects diverse perspectives and societal challenges.

  1. Inclusive Representation: The projects aim to highlight underrepresented voices such as femme, disabled, Muslim, queer, and neuro-spicy working-class individuals.
  2. Societal Mirror: Intending to probe current societal challenges and complexities, the work immerses into pressing issues affecting communities today.
  3. Challenging Norms: Through a satirical and immersive approach, the artists desire to engage with the audience and challenge societal norms.
  4. Perception Alteration: The vision is to challenge perceptions through art installations, creating thought-provoking experiences that push boundaries and provoke critical thinking.
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Impact of the Commission

With the allocation of a $100,000 commission, the Adelaide Film Festival’s expansion of the Moving Image Lab has greatly impacted the development and support of emerging artists and filmmakers. This substantial funding plays a crucial role in supporting artists, providing them with the financial backing necessary to bring their creative visions to life.

By empowering creativity through financial support and mentorship, the commission opens up new avenues for artists to explore innovative ideas and push boundaries in the domain of moving image projects.

This investment not only contributes to the growth of the artistic community but also fosters a nurturing environment where artists can showcase their work, challenge norms, and engage with audiences on a deeper level.

Funding and Award Details

The substantial financial backing and recognition provided through the Adelaide Film Festival and Samstag Expand Moving Image Commission play a pivotal role in advancing the development of emerging artists and filmmakers.

  1. Boosting Creative Projects: The $100,000 award facilitates the creation of innovative projects that push boundaries in artistic expression.
  2. Empowering Emerging Talent: Financial support enables emerging artists to focus on their craft, fostering growth and skill development.
  3. Encouraging Risk-Taking: The recognition offered by these commissions encourages artists to explore new ideas and experiment with unconventional storytelling methods.
  4. Catalyst for Artistic Development: The financial support and acknowledgment provided by these commissions are essential for nurturing creativity and supporting the next generation of filmmakers and artists.

Presentation and Exhibition Plans

Plans for the presentation and exhibition of the commissioned projects at the 2025 Adelaide Film Festival and Samstag Museum are strategically curated to engage audiences and challenge societal norms through immersive art installations.

The presentation plans aim to create a transformative experience for viewers by utilizing immersive design elements that provoke thought and introspection. By incorporating immersive design, the projects seek to push boundaries and invite the audience to question conventional beliefs and perspectives.

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Through innovative presentation techniques, such as interactive installations and multisensory experiences, the artists intend to create a lasting impact on viewers, encouraging them to reflect on the themes of hyper-masculinity and the wellness industry explored in the projects.

The artists’ vision is to captivate audiences and stimulate dialogue through their unique and thought-provoking presentations.

Artistic Vision and Audience Engagement

The commissioned projects for the 2025 Adelaide Film Festival and Samstag Museum aim to creatively engage audiences by exploring societal norms and perceptions through immersive art installations that provoke introspection and dialogue.

  1. Artistic Expression: The projects explore unconventional themes and artistic techniques to convey powerful messages.
  2. Immersive Experiences: Audience members will be transported into thought-provoking environments that encourage active participation.
  3. Interactive Elements: The installations will invite viewers to engage with the art physically and emotionally, fostering a deeper connection.
  4. Audience Reflection: Through these immersive experiences, attendees will be prompted to reflect on their own beliefs and perceptions, sparking meaningful conversations and introspection.

Cultural Impact and Community Support

With a focus on cultural impact and community support, the projects commissioned for the 2025 Adelaide Film Festival and Samstag Museum aim to foster a vibrant and inclusive artistic environment.

By delving into themes like hyper-masculinity, wellness industries, and diverse perspectives such as femme, disabled, Muslim, queer, and neuro-spicy working class, these initiatives seek to challenge societal norms and engage audiences through satirical and immersive approaches. The emphasis on reflecting varied perspectives underscores the projects’ commitment to cultural influence and community empowerment.

Through the significant financial support provided by the $100,000 commission, emerging artists and filmmakers are allowed to contribute meaningfully to the growth of the artistic community, showcasing innovative work and nurturing creativity in a collaborative and supportive environment.


To sum up, the Adelaide Film Festival and Samstag Expand Moving Image Commission’s selection of Anna Lindner, Nisa East, and Yasemin Sabuncu for their project highlights a commitment to nurturing creativity and innovation in the artistic domain.

The generous grant of $100,000 provides financial support and opportunities for emerging talents to showcase groundbreaking work, contributing notably to the growth and vibrancy of the artistic community in South Australia.

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