Things To Do In Naypyidaw

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Discover Naypyidaw’s compelling history at the National Museum and Thatta Thattaha Maha Bawdi Pagoda. Engage yourself in the city’s cultural heritage at the Uppatasanti Pagoda and National Herbal Park. Delight in the flavours of traditional Burmese cuisine at the Myoma Market. Shop for unique souvenirs at the local markets and Junction Centre Mall.

Enjoy the tranquil beauty of the Water Fountain Garden and Naypyidaw Zoological Gardens & Safari Park. Witness vibrant festivals like the Water Festival and Thadingyut Festival. From majestic pagodas to engaging natural wonders, Naypyidaw offers a diverse array of experiences to satisfy every traveller’s interests.

Naypyidaw Historical Landmarks

naypyidaw s rich historical sites

The Thatta Thattaha Maha Bawdi Pagoda, inspired by the Bodh Gaya temple, is a must-see landmark in Naypyidaw, dedicated to the birth of Gautama Buddha. This impressive pagoda features intricate carvings and a striking silhouette against the sky.

Next, visit the National Museum, which offers a thorough look into Myanmar’s rich art, history, and culture. Marvel at the replicas of sacred stones and traditional instruments that showcase the country’s heritage.

Perched atop a hill, the magnificent Uppatasanti Pagoda is another iconic landmark in Naypyidaw. This golden temple provides a stunning view of the city and is home to revered white sacred elephants. Take in the serene atmosphere and engage yourself in the spiritual essence of this remarkable structure.

Whether you’re interested in history, architecture, or spirituality, Naypyidaw’s historical landmarks offer an engaging glimpse into Myanmar’s past and present.

Naypyidaw Cultural Attractions {auto_h3_#}

Aside from Naypyidaw’s historical landmarks, the city boasts a rich cultural fabric that enchants visitors. Towering over the skyline, the Uppatasanti Pagoda stands as a prominent cultural attraction, mirroring the iconic Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. Visitors can explore the pagoda’s intricate architecture and gilded spires, immersing themselves in the country’s deep-rooted Buddhist heritage.

Stepping into the National Herbal Park, you’ll be greeted by over 700 species of medicinal plants, showcasing Myanmar’s long-standing tradition of herbal medicine. Wander through the meticulously curated gardens, learning about the various herbs and their therapeutic applications. This immersive experience offers a glimpse into the country’s rich botanical history and its enduring role in traditional healthcare.

Naypyidaw’s cultural fabric extends to the Water Fountain Garden, a sprawling 165-acre oasis featuring mesmerizing light displays and recreational areas. Families and friends can come together to enjoy the tranquil ambience and the captivating water fountain shows that illuminate the night sky.

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Naypyidaw Culinary Delights

Explore Naypyidaw’s alluring culinary landscape, where traditional Burmese flavours and regional specialities await your discovery. Indulge in a mouthwatering culinary adventure by sampling the city’s local food scene.

Delve into the vibrant Myoma Market and savour the tantalizing street food, from Shan-style noodles to the delightful Mont Lin Ma Yar. For a more engaging experience, treat yourself to a Chef’s Special Dinner Menu at PARKROYAL Nay Pyi Taw, where an eight-course Myanmar cuisine showcase is accompanied by a mesmerizing traditional dance performance.

  • Explore the diverse flavours of Burmese curry and fresh local fruits like melons and mangoes at the city’s eateries and markets.
  • Discover the aromatic Mohinga, a beloved fish noodle soup, and the invigorating tea leaf salad, quintessential Burmese delicacies.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich food culture of Naypyidaw and uncover the unique regional dishes that showcase the best of Myanmar cuisine.

Naypyidaw Shopping Destinations

Where can you find Naypyidaw’s most vibrant shopping destinations? Venture to the bustling Myoma Market, a local hub teeming with stalls offering an array of traditional handicrafts, authentic souvenirs, and delectable street food.

For a more conventional shopping experience, head to the Junction Centre shopping mall, which boasts a variety of stores and dining options.

Naypyidaw is also known for its fantastic prices on fresh produce, making it the perfect destination for a budget-friendly shopping spree. Consider exploring these local shopping gems:

  • Naypyidaw’s local markets, are where you can find unique souvenirs and handicrafts at great prices.
  • Street vendors offer a wide selection of fresh, juicy fruits like melons and mangoes.
  • The vibrant Myoma Market is a one-stop-shop for local street food, traditional crafts, and a lively shopping atmosphere.

Naypyidaw Outdoor Activities {auto_h3_#}

Venture beyond Naypyidaw’s bustling markets and explore the city’s enchanting outdoor attractions, each offering a unique glimpse into Myanmar’s natural wonders.

Start your adventure at the Water Fountain Garden, where you’ll be mesmerized by the rhythmic dance of water jets choreographed to music. Nearby, the Uppatasanti Pagoda stands tall, its golden spire reaching for the sky.

For a truly immersive wildlife experience, head to the Naypyidaw Zoological Gardens & Safari Park. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to observe a diverse array of native and exotic species, all while traversing the expansive park.

Afterward, visit the Naypyidaw Gem Museum to admire the stunning collection of precious stones that have made Myanmar famous.

As the day winds down, take a leisurely stroll or enjoy a picnic at the tranquil Naypyidaw Water Fountain Park, where the sights and sounds of nature will soothe your senses.

Truly, Naypyidaw offers a wealth of outdoor adventures to captivate the adventurous spirit.

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Naypyidaw Nightlife and Entertainment: Catch a Burmese Classical Dance

As the sun sets over Naypyidaw, the city comes alive with a mesmerizing display of Burmese classical dance, offering visitors a glimpse into Myanmar’s rich cultural heritage. Venture to the local entertainment venues and experience the vibrant performances that showcase the graceful movements and intricate routines of this fascinating art form.

Witness skilled dancers adorned in colorful traditional costumes as they bring to life the stories and legends of Myanmar’s history through their fluid dance steps. The lively atmosphere and the rhythmic sounds of live music create an immersive cultural experience that’ll leave you spellbound.

Fully engage yourself in the captivating world of Burmese classical dance and be transported to a place where ancient traditions thrive. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this authentic display of Myanmar’s cultural excellence during your time in Naypyidaw.

Naypyidaw Day Trips and Excursions {auto_h3_#}

explore naypyidaw s day trips

Beyond the bustling streets of Naypyidaw, day trips and excursions offer visitors a chance to explore the city’s diverse attractions and engage fully in the rich cultural heritage of Myanmar.

For a wildlife adventure, venture to the Naypyidaw Zoological Gardens & Safari Park, where you can witness an array of exotic animals in their natural habitats.

Marvel at the intricate design and serene atmosphere of the Water Fountain Garden, or be amazed by the towering Uppatasanti Pagoda, a significant Buddhist site showcasing Myanmar’s architectural and spiritual prowess.

Those intrigued by the nation’s precious gems can visit the Naypyidaw Gem Museum, an immersive experience delving into the country’s renowned gemstone industry.

Travelers seeking to involve themselves in Myanmar’s vibrant Buddhist culture should consider a day trip to the Thatta Thattaha Maha Bawdi Pagoda, a renowned religious landmark.

Additionally, the National Museum in Naypyidaw provides a captivating exploration of the country’s art, history, and cultural traditions.

Naypyidaw Local Festivals and Events

Naypyidaw’s engaging local festivals and events offer visitors a chance to involve themselves in Myanmar’s rich cultural heritage throughout the year. From the grand Water Festival in April to the illuminated Thadingyut Festival in October, there’s always something captivating to experience.

The Water Festival, or Thingyan, is a particularly joyful celebration where locals gather to splash water, symbolizing the washing away of the past year’s misfortunes. During this lively event, you can expect colourful processions, traditional ceremonies, and plenty of good-natured water fights.

The Thadingyut Festival marks the end of Buddhist Lent, with pagodas lit up in a stunning display. Immerse yourself in the spiritual atmosphere and witness the traditional ceremonies that honour this important occasion.

Here’s a detailed table about local festivals in Naypyidaw, Myanmar:

Naypyidaw Balloon FestivalNovemberAn annual hot air balloon festival is held in the capital city. It features colorful hot air balloons, cultural performances, food stalls, and other entertainment.
Naypyidaw Flower FestivalDecemberA flower exhibition and competition showcasing various types of flowers, flower arrangements, and gardening techniques. It takes place in the city’s botanical gardens.
Naypyidaw Book FairFebruaryAn annual book fair that celebrates literature and promotes reading. It features book stalls, author talks, literary competitions, and cultural performances.
Naypyidaw City DayNovemberA celebration marking the establishment of Naypyidaw as the new capital city of Myanmar. It includes cultural shows, sports competitions, and other festivities.
Naypyidaw Food FestivalMarchA festival that highlights the diverse cuisines of Myanmar and other countries. It features food stalls, cooking demonstrations, and culinary competitions.
Naypyidaw Film FestivalMayAn annual film festival that showcases local and international movies, short films, and documentaries. It includes film screenings, workshops, and discussions with filmmakers.
Naypyidaw Traditional Crafts FairOctoberA fair that promotes traditional Burmese crafts and handicrafts. It includes exhibitions, demonstrations, and workshops by skilled artisans.
Naypyidaw Water Festival (Thingyan)AprilThe traditional Burmese New Year festival, celebrated with water-throwing, cultural performances, and various festivities.

Naypyidaw Family-Friendly Activities

family fun in naypyidaw

While Naypyidaw’s festivals and events showcase the city’s rich cultural heritage, the capital also offers a variety of family-friendly activities to delight visitors of all ages.

  • For a relaxing day outdoors, head to the Water Fountain Garden, a 165-acre park with tranquil ponds and mesmerizing fountains. Kids and adults alike will be enchanted by the stunning displays of water choreographed to music.
  • For a more adventurous experience, explore the Naypyidaw Zoological Gardens & Safari Park, home to a diverse array of wildlife. Get up close with exotic animals and enjoy thrilling safari rides through the enclosures.
  • The Gems Museum also provides a unique and educational outing, showcasing a vast collection of precious stones found in Myanmar. Wander through the National Landmark Garden and marvel at the miniature replicas of famous Myanmar buildings.
  • Afterwards, indulge in pampering treatments at the Foot Mark Spa, where you can unwind and rejuvenate as a family.
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Tips for Exploring Naypyidaw

When exploring Naypyidaw, be mindful to respect the local customs and traditions in order to demonstrate cultural sensitivity. Carry water with you at all times to stay hydrated in the city’s hot climate, and be sure to use sunscreen and insect repellent to protect yourself from the sun and bugs.

Additionally, bargain at the markets to get better prices on souvenirs and local products, and consider learning some basic Burmese phrases to enhance your travel experience by communicating with the locals.

Naypyidaw offers a unique travel experience, and keeping these tips in mind can help you make the most of your exploration:

  1. Be respectful of the local culture and traditions.
  2. Stay hydrated and protected from the elements.
  3. Bargain at markets and learn some Burmese to connect with the locals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Naypyidaw Famous For?

Naypyidaw is renowned for its carefully planned layout, featuring wide streets, grand government buildings, and lush green spaces. It’s also home to iconic landmarks like the Uppatasanti Pagoda and the impressive National Herbal Park showcasing traditional Burmese medicinal plants.

What Famous Tourist Attraction Is Found in Myanmar?

One of Myanmar’s most famous tourist attractions is the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. This iconic golden stupa towers over the city, drawing visitors from around the world to marvel at its stunning architecture and religious significance.

Is Naypyidaw Still Deserted?

Yes, Naypyidaw is still considered a relatively deserted city compared to other major cities in Myanmar. Though the capital, it lacks the bustling urban atmosphere found in places like Yangon or Mandalay due to its sparse population and vast green spaces.

What Is the Famous Building in Nay Pyi Taw?

The famous building in Nay Pyi Taw is the Uppatasanti Pagoda, a stunning golden temple that’s a replica of the iconic Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. It offers breathtaking views and cultural significance with its adjacent white elephant stable.


Naypyidaw, the grand capital of Myanmar, offers a wealth of experiences for the curious traveller. From historical landmarks to cultural attractions, culinary delights, and outdoor adventures, the city caters to diverse interests.

Whether you’re exploring local festivals, shopping for unique treasures, or enjoying family-friendly activities, Naypyidaw promises to captivate and leave you with unforgettable memories. Immerse yourself in this enchanting destination and uncover its hidden gems.

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