Ultra Singapore Festival

Ultra Singapore Festival

Did you know that Singapore, often known for its pristine streets and strict rules, is home to one of the most electrifying music festivals in the world? Get ready to be blown away by the Ultra Singapore Festival, an extravagant event that attracts music enthusiasts and travelers from around the globe.

Since its inception in 2015, the Ultra Singapore Festival has taken the city by storm, transforming it into a haven for electronic music lovers. With its stellar lineup of top-notch artists and an ever-increasing number of attendees, this music festival has become a highlight of Singapore’s vibrant nightlife and party scene.

Whether you’re a fan of EDM, electronic music, or simply looking for an unforgettable experience, the Ultra Singapore Festival promises to deliver an unparalleled journey filled with pulsating beats, electrifying performances, and a sense of community that only music can create.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ultra Singapore Festival is one of the most electrifying music festivals in the world, held in the vibrant city of Singapore.
  • Since its inception in 2015, the festival has grown in popularity, attracting music enthusiasts and travelers from around the globe.
  • The festival showcases a stellar lineup of top-notch artists, creating an unforgettable experience for EDM and electronic music lovers.
  • Ultra Singapore Festival is a highlight of Singapore’s lively nightlife and party scene, offering a unique sense of community through music.
  • Immerse yourself in the pulsating beats and energetic atmosphere at Ultra Singapore Festival, and unleash your inner party animal in the Lion City.

Facts About The Ultra Singapore Festival

FactsBrief Explanation
Name of the FestivalUltra Singapore Festival
Type of FestivalMusic (Electronic Dance Music Festival)
City of OriginSingapore
Festival EtymologyNamed after the Ultra Music Festival, which originated in Miami, Florida, reflecting its focus on electronic music.
Date First Celebrated2015
FounderRussell Faibisch and Adam Russakoff
Brief History of the FestivalThe Ultra Singapore Festival is an extension of the Ultra Music Festival, which began in Miami, USA, and has since become a global phenomenon, hosting events in various countries. Ultra Singapore was first held in 2015, quickly becoming one of the region’s most popular music festivals, attracting thousands of attendees from Singapore and around the world. It features a lineup of international DJs and artists, showcasing a wide range of electronic dance music genres.
Brief History of the CitySingapore is a city-state and island country in Southeast Asia, established as a British trading colony in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles. It has since evolved from a colonial outpost to a thriving global financial hub and cosmopolitan society. Singapore’s strategic location at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula has made it an important maritime center. Its history is marked by multicultural influences, rapid economic growth, and the development of a distinct Singaporean identity.
Ethnic InformationSingapore is a multicultural city with a diverse population composed mainly of Chinese (74.3%), Malays (13.5%), Indians (9.0%), and other ethnic groups (3.2%). This ethnic diversity is reflected in the city’s culture, traditions, and festivals.
Location in the CountrySingapore is located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia. It is both a city and a country, consisting of the main island and over 60 smaller islets.
How to Reach the CitySingapore is accessible via Changi Airport, one of the world’s busiest and best-connected airports. There are direct flights from many cities worldwide. Additionally, it can be reached by road and sea from neighbouring countries.
Nearby and Surrounding Cities or TownsJohor Bahru, Malaysia (~22km)
Batam, Indonesia (~20km by ferry)
Bintan, Indonesia (~50km by ferry)
Google Map LinkGoogle Maps Link to Singapore
Main Events and Activities– DJ Performances by International and Local Artists
– Electronic Dance Music Showcases
– Art Installations
– Gourmet Food and Beverage Options
Famous Tourist Attractions and LandmarksMarina Bay Sands: Iconic integrated resort with a hotel, mall, and observation deck.
Gardens by the Bay: Futuristic park with giant tree-like structures.
Sentosa Island: A resort island with beaches, theme parks, and attractions.
Singapore Zoo: Renowned for its ‘open’ captivity design.
Merlion Park: Home to Singapore’s iconic Merlion statue.
Famous Food Dishes of the CityHainanese Chicken Rice: Considered Singapore’s national dish.
Chilli Crab: A spicy seafood dish.
Laksa: A spicy noodle soup with coconut milk.
Satay: Grilled skewered meats served with peanut sauce.
Related FestivalsZoukOut: An annual dance music festival held in Singapore.
Baybeats: A festival showcasing a variety of music genres, including electronic, in Singapore.

The History and Evolution of Ultra Singapore

The Ultra Singapore festival has come a long way since its humble beginnings. The first edition of the festival took place in 2015 as a road event, with a lineup of renowned artists including Skrillex, Alesso, and Nicky Romero. The success of the inaugural festival paved the way for its expansion the following year.

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In 2016, Ultra Singapore evolved into a two-day event held at Ultra Park near Marina Bay Sands, solidifying its status as a prominent electronic music festival in the region. As the festival continued to gain popularity, it attracted a wider audience of music enthusiasts from all over the world.

Now, as Ultra Singapore enters its 5th year, the excitement is palpable. With the lineup for the upcoming edition recently announced, anticipation is at an all-time high. Music lovers can expect an electrifying experience filled with unforgettable performances from both international and regional artists.

Take a look at the table below for a glimpse of the artists who will be gracing the stage at Ultra Singapore:

Day 1Day 2
TiestoArmin van Buuren
MarshmelloSteve Angello
Alan WalkerNicky Romero


Dates and Location of Ultra Singapore

Ultra Singapore, one of the most highly anticipated music festivals in the region, is all set to take place on June 8 and 9. This two-day extravaganza will be hosted at the iconic Ultra Park in Singapore, making it a prime destination for music enthusiasts from all around the world.

Ultra Park, conveniently located near Marina Bay Sands, offers a stunning backdrop for the festival’s electrifying performances. Its strategic location ensures easy access for attendees, allowing for a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Mark your calendar and start planning your trip to Ultra Singapore now. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of electronic music surrounded by the dazzling skyline of Singapore.

Ultra Singapore Tickets and Lineup

Tickets for Ultra Singapore are now on sale and are in high demand. To secure your spot at this highly anticipated event, it is recommended to purchase tickets directly from the official website. This ensures a legitimate transaction and helps you avoid scams. The ticket price for Ultra Singapore is SGD 238/ INR 12168. By purchasing the tickets, you gain access to a variety of exhilarating performances and experiences throughout the festival.

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Ultra Singapore boasts an incredible lineup of both international and regional artists who will take the stage by storm with their electrifying performances. Prepare to be blown away by the stellar talent that will create an unforgettable atmosphere of music and excitement. Immerse yourself in the energy and passion of these renowned artists, and dance the night away to your favorite beats.

Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of the Ultra Singapore experience. Book your tickets now and get ready for a music festival that will leave you exhilarated and wanting more.

Ultra Singapore Lineup

Here are some of the incredible artists who will be performing at Ultra Singapore:

  • Marshmello
  • Martin Garrix
  • Eric Prydz
  • Porter Robinson
  • Oliver Heldens
  • Zedd


Accommodation and Transportation for Ultra Singapore

When it comes to attending Ultra Singapore, it’s important to plan your accommodation and transportation in advance to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your trip:

Accommodation Options


For your stay during Ultra Singapore, it is recommended to book a hotel near the Ultra Park venue in Marina Bay. While hotels in this area might be slightly more expensive, they offer the convenience of being close to the festival grounds.

Alternatively, you can consider budget-friendly options such as Airbnb, which may have more affordable accommodations nearby. Here are a few recommended hotels near Ultra Park:

HotelDistance from Ultra ParkRating
Marina Bay Sands0.5 miles5 stars
Pan Pacific Singapore0.3 miles4.5 stars
The Fullerton Hotel Singapore0.7 miles5 stars

Transportation Options

Getting to Ultra Singapore is convenient with various modes of transportation available. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Taxis: Taxis are a convenient and reliable way to travel to Ultra Park. You can easily hail a taxi or book a ride through ride-hailing apps like Grab.
  • Buses: Singapore has a well-connected bus network that can take you to Ultra Park. Check the bus schedules and routes beforehand to plan your journey.
  • MTR (Mass Rapid Transit): The MTR is a popular mode of transportation in Singapore. The nearest MTR station to Ultra Park is Bayfront MRT Station, which provides easy access to the festival grounds.
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With these transportation options, you can choose the most convenient and cost-effective way to travel to Ultra Singapore.

Tips for an Unforgettable Ultra Singapore Experience


To make the most of your Ultra Singapore experience, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  1. Ensure that your mobile phone is fully charged to stay connected and capture all the memorable moments of the festival.
  2. Book a cab in advance or use ride-hailing apps for convenient transportation to and from the festival.
  3. Carry a raincoat or portable poncho to be prepared for unexpected weather changes, as the festival takes place over a long duration.
  4. Download the Ultra Worldwide Application to access essential details about the festival, including set times, artist lineup, and venue map.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the list of prohibited items to avoid any inconvenience at the entrance.
  6. Remember that Ultra Singapore follows a strict no-entry policy, so plan accordingly and make sure you have everything you need before entering the festival grounds.
  7. Carry the local currency for convenience, as some vendors may not accept credit cards or other forms of payment.

By following these tips, you can enhance your Ultra Singapore experience and make lasting memories at this incredible music festival.

Ultra Singapore – A Must-Visit Music Festival in Singapore

Experience the thrill of the ultimate music festival in Singapore at Ultra Singapore. This internationally renowned event has become a staple in Singapore’s vibrant music scene and is a must-visit for music lovers from around the world.

With its stellar lineup of acclaimed artists and cutting-edge production, Ultra Singapore offers a live music concert like no other. Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere as you dance to the beats of your favourite DJs and create unforgettable memories in the heart of Singapore.

From pulsating EDM to infectious electronic music, Ultra Singapore showcases a diverse range of genres that will keep you grooving throughout the festival. Get ready to lose yourself in the music and experience the magic of this extraordinary event.

Get ready to be captivated by the breathtaking visuals, mind-blowing performances, and the energy of the crowd as you indulge in a live music experience like no other. Whether you’re a seasoned festival-goer or new to the scene, Ultra Singapore promises an immersive journey that will leave you craving for more.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this unforgettable music festival in Singapore. Book your tickets now and get ready for a weekend filled with incredible music, memorable moments, and non-stop fun.

Interesting Facts About The Ultra Singapore Festival

  • 🌍 Ultra Singapore is part of a global network of Ultra Music Festivals, which originated in Miami, Florida, in 1999. Ultra Worldwide has since expanded to numerous countries, making Ultra Singapore a key player in the global electronic music scene.
  • 🏙️ Location shifts and upgrades: Initially launched as “Road to Ultra” in 2015, the festival quickly evolved into a full-fledged Ultra event by 2016, taking place at various iconic locations in Singapore, showcasing the city’s modern skyline.
  • 🎉 Expanded musical genres: While Ultra is synonymous with electronic dance music, Ultra Singapore has embraced a wider array of genres, including techno, house, and indie dance, catering to a diverse audience.
  • 🤝 Collaborations with local artists: Ultra Singapore has made efforts to feature local and regional talent alongside international headliners, giving a platform to emerging artists in Asia.
  • 🌧️ Weather challenges: The festival has faced unpredictable weather conditions, including sudden rainstorms, leading to memorable experiences and sometimes challenging conditions for festival-goers and organizers.
  • 💡 Eco-friendly initiatives: Embracing sustainability, Ultra Singapore has implemented various green initiatives to minimize its environmental impact, such as encouraging the use of public transportation and reducing plastic use.
  • 📈 Economic impact: Beyond the music, Ultra Singapore has contributed significantly to the local economy, drawing tourists from around the world and promoting Singapore as a destination for international events.
  • 🎨 Artistic installations: Apart from music, the festival has featured unique art installations and interactive technology displays, adding a visual and experiential element to the event.
  • 🌐 Virtual reality experiences: To innovate, Ultra Singapore has experimented with virtual reality (VR) streaming, allowing fans worldwide to experience the festival remotely.
  • 🚀 Exclusive premieres and debuts: Ultra Singapore has been the site for several artist debuts and exclusive track premieres, making it a must-attend event for fans eager to hear new music first.


Experience the vibrant pulse of electronic music and immerse yourself in Singapore’s bustling party scene at the Ultra Singapore Festival. As the festival celebrates its fifth year, the fervor surrounding this iconic event is undeniable, with tickets selling fast. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this exhilarating celebration where music enthusiasts from around the globe unite to revel in the best of the electronic music scene.

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary experience as you dance to the beats of world-renowned DJs, soak in the electrifying atmosphere, and connect with fellow music lovers. Ultra Singapore Festival promises to provide a dynamic and unforgettable journey from start to finish, leaving you with cherished memories.

Join the party and embrace the awe-inspiring performances, cutting-edge production, and vibrant energy that defines Ultra Singapore Festival. This is your opportunity to dive into the heart of the Singapore party scene and be part of a global community of music enthusiasts who appreciate the power of electronic music. Mark your calendars, secure your tickets, and get ready for an extraordinary experience at Ultra Singapore Festival.

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